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Enlit Europe 2022 (Hall 12.0 Booth F70)

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Expo: ENLIT Europe

Date: Nov.29th~Dec.1st, 2022

Hall No: 12.0

Booth No: F70

On Nov 29th~ Dec 1st, 2022, the Enlit Europe exhibition was held in Frankfurt, Germany. Enlit is a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda.The exhibition involved technical and academic exchange activities, covering topics such as smart gird and smart metering, power generation, energy storage, hydrogen sector, e-mobility and renewable energy, energy transition, digitalisation, and RES (especially Wind and Solar) etc. Nearly 15, 000 professionals came to visit.

IVY METERING's booth was popular with hundreds of coming guests and visitors, who made in-depth exchanges with the company's technical engineers on the EV & PV solutions and products.

During the exhibition, we displayed its 5 core solutions, including:

Enlit Europe 2022 (Hall 12.0 Booth F70)

1. Switching solution for smart meters

With the newest design of 80A 100A motorized latching relay, the switching for Din rail meter and traditional suspension meters become easier. Compared with magnetic latching relay, it was smaller but powerful. With 500mT permanent magnetic immunity and IEC62055-31 UC2/UC3 certificate, these new switching solutions are new choice of smart meter factories.

2. A-level AC and DC Metering Solution for EVPV

Single phase and three phase din rail meters are very common in Europe but bi-directional metering function and MID approved, CE-EMC CE-LVD compliant is new requirements for smart metering in EV charging and solar system. DC metering of power energy with wide range of 10-240A/2000A, 8-48VDC/40-400VDC/5-1000VDC can not be ignored as well.

3. mA-level Measuremen and Leakage Alarming for EVPV

Residual current (remain current, leakage current) is also a difficult problem that manufacturers of EV charging piles and solar panels want to solve. DC6mA AC30mA is the default value of leakage signal output. If you need light version- self test and 3-6mA alarming then we have an economic version for you.

4. Switching solutions for EVPV

Switching solutions for EVPV are different from the switching solutions for smart meters. 32A 40A 60A 80A are more preferable. IEC61810-1, IEC 60947-1 and VDE / TUV/UL approvals instead of IEC62055-31.

5. Current Measurement and Transforming

Current transformer with M-bus/ LoraMesh/ RS485 and power supply module are necessary in EV, PV and Smart meters

Thanks again for your reading and involving, it's never too late to learn these EV and PV solutions, if you are interested to meet us offline, welcome to reserve Enlit 2023 with us.


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