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Lolita & Swimming Pool Party

Author: YiWei66 Time: 09. 26, 2023 Classify: 2023

On August 12th, IVY METERING held Lolita & Swimming Pool Party to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work, increase the cohesion of Tuantuan push, enhance the company's team spirit, and join hands to create a better tomorrow.At noon, the staff set out for Moganshan, talking and laughing all the way, after an hour's drive, we came to the Moganshan guest house, surrounded by mountains on three sides, beautiful scenery and fresh air.

After everyone arrived, we returned to our rooms, changed into our lolita costumes and started our LOLitA-themed activities. After changing into costumes, we started the first part of the event, the red carpet part. We each found our own partner, put our own pose in front of the camera, recorded a beautiful moment with the camera, on the signature wall, we left our own signatures, walked into the hall, under the backdrop of snacks and champagne, we jointly opened this happy party. We clinked glasses with each other, recalled the scenes of mutual help and cooperation in the work, and celebrated the results achieved by our joint efforts.

After everyone has had enough to eat and drink, we all change into our swimsuits and move on to our next session, the pool party. Under the guidance of the coach, we began to warm up. After the warm-up, everyone could not wait to enter the pool, each holding the water gun, playing and playing, leaving the fatigue of work behind.

After everyone is tired, in the hall has been floating bursts of roasted sheep aroma, we returned to the room for a short rest, accompanied by red wine, singing together, toast together, the end of a full day.

Through this group building activity, we not only gained happiness, but also gained the friendship between team members and the friendship between colleagues. In the later work and life, we will be more positive and more united.